akiha tohno

Akiha does a little twirl in the air and leaves a web of flames behind. Longer pauses yield larger frame advantage, and sufficiently training your opponent to respect the frame trap can lead to them allowing you to start another string without activating the pillar set under them. Melty Blood Akiha Tohno. It is pretty much useless. C 2C Optimal version. Shields can be dealt with by throws or using strings that keep you out of range of most shield counters.

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It is pretty much useless. A good move to air-to-air with. Off of 2AA instead of j.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno

Pretty useful normal since it moves Akiha forward and it’s only -3 on block. Do not use this as a tech punish like you would with her tiger knee JA from her past versions, you will die!

The delay on the flameorb should be relative to the height. When Tohno Makihisa dies and Akiha becomes head of the Tohno Family, despite protests from the other branch families, she akiya him back, only for the fact that she wanted to be near him. Disappears if Akiha is hit.

Akiha Tohno Friends – Giant Bomb

Hits 8 times so a combo afterwards is not possible, but it has a very high vertical range. Keeps opponent stationary when hit can only be special canceled.


Recovers faster than jB, leading to massive frame advantage on block. Full The character of choice for GO1, often considered the best player in the world aliha a legend of the game. A relatively fast sweep with good range. Creates a web further away and slightly higher up. Webs akihha sufficient time to set a pillar and resume pressure provided you’re close enough if the start up is respected.

Like the A version, the pillar appears about 2 character lengths in front of her, but the distance can be controlled by holding down the B button. As a fighting game character, Akiha has great versatility, as well as the highest defense in the game.

Can place pillars that she can release with negative edge to control space, with a wide variety of long-ranged specials for both neutral and in her corner setplay. Akiha also enters a low stance during this move so it’s usable as anti-air but it’s very risky since the recovery is terrible.

When aiming to guard break, emphasis should be placed on slipping webs into your strings, as they make short work of an opponent’s guard meter. Half H-Akiha is a fantastic character on paper, with great footsies, powerful simple combos that have long corner carry, amazing health, great meter gain, and overall an amazing normal moveset.

Creates a pit in front of Akiha that persists for 4 seconds as long as any button is held down, erupts into a flame pillar on release. Views Read View source View history. Appears at the same distance in front of Akiha as A.

Know your enemy as depending on their reversal options, they may very well have to block ie Full Moons don’t have heat activation or they might not have any viable wakeup reversals, etc. Delay the B after 2C or add a 2B between them if you don’t like delaying but off of j.


Good normals and some of the most brutal corner setplay in the game, F-Akiha may have to work a little to get you in the corner due to her relatively slow speed and simplistic midscreen pressure, but once she taps you with any normal, she can easily confirm into a full corner carry and never lets you go. Akiha does three swipes and the last lunging swipe hits high. This is the attack to counter with if an anti-air ground EX-Shield is landed. F-Akiha’s corner pressure has two distinct styles; with and without a pillar set under the opponent.

You can combo into this by EX cancelling B.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno/PS2

A useful TK move, as it can be used to create cross-up situations, much like Crescent’s. Navigation Main Page Recent changes. The EX version is the biggest and most damaging of all the pillars of course with it’s greatest use as a full screen punish.

Once you’ve knocked someone down in the corner, your options become too many to count. Akiha toyno a little hop and throws out her signature ribbon.