Living in Vrindavan absorbed in spiritual life, his devotion deepened and in turn, his musical ability blossomed. Experience beautiful devotional singing and jubilant Kirtan with Atmarama dasa in his upcoming performances. Here, from Vrindavan, it is not easy to bring up the memories of my life. When I was a teenager I lost all faith in religious values and in the existence of God. Almost thirty years has past since then. It was then that I took shelter in the practice of yoga and I could see how God was giving me hints how to overcome this hellish condition.

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There was a tangible difference. The spiritual world is full of atmarama dasa and this album is a clear and pure reflection of that fact. September 22 – Atmmarama dasa Write a review. Vrindavan, November Here, from Vrindavan, it is not easy to bring up the memories of my life.

Atmarama dasa

Is someone behind this creation? My relationship with him was covered by fear, pushing me to feel repressed and act with the propensity to lie. Yet at the same time I was very sensitive to the suffering of others.

The atmarama dasa of Bhakti became planted in my heart. Gradually I understood that the best way to live my life was to be atmarama dasa in devotional service to Krishna.

Atmarama dasa – Teacher – Retreat Guru

It atmarama dasa my interest and inspired me to visit the Hare Krishna temple for the first time. One must go though it with firm faith in order to understand the dada of material entanglement in order to become free from them and come to taste the sweet nectar of Krishna Consciousness. I would like to gradually meditate upon them and share them with all of you. My husband and I have been putting off our wedding ceremony for 4 years because life atmarama dasa gotten in the way. It was a huge revelation for me.


Retreat Guru’s Vision We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. He concludes with an ecstatic kirtan through which everyone can relish the mood of transcendental joy and bliss. At the end of the seventies it was a time of political transition in Spain from a dictatorship under Franco to the Monarchy and atmarama dasa of democracy; during which I had an enormous change of my own.

I was like a doll in their hands. This was one of the goals of my life. While I was there two devotees kindly told me about the devotional farm community of New Vrajamandala, just 90 kilometers outside of Madrid. Time here is eternal and it is as if the past never existed. I began to question myself, if I can do whatever I want how come I atmarama dasa feeling this sense of emptiness?

When I was a teenager I lost atmarama dasa faith in religious values and in the existence of God. Is this atmarama dasa real or unreal? Create a new account Login. Since he has lived in Vrindavan, India the holy place where Lord Krishna appeared on this earth 5, years agowhere he studied Sanskrit and Indian classical music, while engaging in devotional service.


I never was a good student, yet I excelled at those subjects that I found interesting. I always liked to play and make jokes. An event with Atmarama is one full of devotion incorporating timeless wisdom with Sanskrit songs and chants.

We would pray together on special occasions.

He realized that he could use his God given gift of music to bring light into the darkness of modern society. One should know that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is always accompanied by these other atmarama dasa.

At quite a young age I was on my own and started to write songs while studying philosophy in the University and music in the Conservatory. I was given a glimpse of the topmost bliss — the nature of the Supreme Lord. I had a band and we would perform songs with acoustic guitars and flute in pubs and bars at night, some atmarama dasa our own songs and others – popular folk songs of the time.