The band cited the fact that all members were living in different cities, had busy lives with their own families and jobs, and not being signed to record label at the time as various reasons for this long gap. Cult of Luna — Vertikal”. In a sense it’s not metal because it’s fast or loud or heavy it is loud and heavy, but not particularly fast. What seems complex and “too busy” at times is exactly what particular songs call for. Retrieved 3 March Contact Cult of Luna.

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Each song conveys a different mood, bertikal different feeling, a different idea. Originally written for Me Gusta Reviews. Vertikal II is seen as a continuation and completion of the band’s “journey into the harshness of the monotone city landscape” that began with its early studio album, Vertikal. The Anaesthete by Rosetta.

Articles with hAudio microformats. New Song Available For Streaming”.

Vertikal II | Cult of Luna

For example, give a serious listen to the song Synchronicity. One could argue whether or not they will manage to improve an already epic work, but cupt long as they will keep on testing their boundaries, we have nothing to worry about.

The year wasthe city was quiet and the light had been swallowed by the sound of an unspecified frequency — an electric wall of sound that made everything glow. One can hear everything in the mix, and it can be heard crystal clear! For a time, Cult of Luna considered releasing Vertikal as a double album with the amount of material they had written, but instead released three additional songs that were written during these sessions but not cult of luna vertikal recorded as Vertikal Lyna later in During the middle of the song, just when the listener begins to feel the synth has gone on too long, the band roars into a heavy melodic passage and it ends, setting up a beautiful introduction to Synchronicity.


When the members of Cult of luna vertikal of Luna decided cultt officially wanted to start working on a new album, they began messaging each other ideas of what they pf it to sound like using books, films and photographs for inspiration.

Cult of Luna – Vertikal Review

And, yes, giving in was the right thing to do. Atmospheric and progressive sludge tend to cater to many Isis and Neurosis “wanna-be” culh, yet Cult of Luna offer a completely different take on the genre Isis and Neurosis pioneered. Cult ,una Luna did not begin composing music until this concept was solidified.

A growl means nothing if the dynamics, the structure and even the accents are post-rock the attitude; not the genre in its purest and therefore imperfect form.

The band caved into the label’s demands and asked them to get Broadrick to remix “Vicarious Redemption” out of spite because, at almost minutes long, it was the most difficult song to work with. Cult of Luna Vertikal Review Album. You can add or edit information about Vertikal at musicbrainz. It’s instead focused on the creation of moods, atmospheres, and soundscapes there’s that word againreally giving teeth vertikql the genre tag “atmospheric sludge.


Cult Of Luna certainly took a leap of faith into something radically different with this album, and I, for one, find the end result a marvel to revel upon.

Structured like an emotional roller coaster, the song keeps going from cult of luna vertikal to climax without any apparent build up, always maintaining a cohesive sense of tension. The samples are present, but not vertkal present, or overbearing. Epic, expansive hard rock from Perihelion that pairs post-metal expansiveness with skyscraping vocal melodies. Jak Van Der Graaf. Finally, at songs end, the band fades to nothing, the guitar stands alone, and the elaborate riff fades back to nothing.

The final result is a challenging piece of work, which proves that there is no limit to cult of luna vertikal this band can achieve in musical terms. Toujours aussi immersif, froid et unique. Or browse results titled:. I stopped listening to Cult Of Luna a year later. This page has been archived veritkal is no longer updated. Find out more about our use of this data. And it is a challenging experience indeed. In a sense it’s not metal because it’s fast or loud or heavy it is loud and heavy, but not particularly fast.

They were more rural, earthy and organic in a way.

Infant Island by Infant Island.