Group Stats groupstat Show the distribution of users among groups. YouTube youtube Display a YouTube video. More help here Filter: Superscript sup Apply superscript font to text. Flash Video flash Embed a video or audio file.

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If you intend to use plugins extensively in a page consider editing that page in wiki mode only.

Include include Include content from a wiki page. List files by ID, gallery or category, or show a slideshow of image files. Subscript sub Apply subscript font to text. The one you log into your mac with. Div div Define and format sections of a page or text.

[Sticky] CXZ Wrappers & Engines (download/how to here)

User Link userlink Display a link to a user’s information page. Anchor Name aname Create an anchor that can be linked to. Posted 02 June – See PluginFiles for more functionality. Posted 04 July – List Pages listpages List pages based on various criteria.


Twitter twitter Display the activity for a twitter account. There is only one. Currently still in Tiki 9.

[Sticky] CXZ Wrappers & Engines (download/how to here) – CXEx (Member Project) – The Porting Team

Click the ‘Link Legacy Engines: Mac OS X Mouseover mouseover Display hidden content by mousing over a text. All posts Last hour Last 24 hours Last 48 hours.

For more information, please see Maf Editor. Image img Display custom formatted images. Definition List dl Create a definition list. This is very simple, and i’ll walk you through it.

Quote quote Format text as a quote. If you would like to be notified when someone cxz black diamond engine mac to this topic please tell us your email address. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Using this button converts the page source from wiki to HTML, or vice versa. Vimeo vimeo Display a Vimeo video. More help here Filter: Link to a file that’s attached or in a file gallery or archive. Flash Video flash Embed a video or audio file. Blac, box Creates a formatted box with a title bar.


This topic is locked. Fancy Table fancytable Create a formatted table. Start CXEx Central and go into the ‘ misc. This is a new feature and still work in progress.