Posted April 10, Posted January 4, Electrypnose — Subliminal Melancholies. Both are good, maybe one or both is great. Lots of feeling and thought seems to have gone into this one. I really like the variety of songs here.

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This artists can make a masterpiece. I liked Electrypnose’s electrypnose subliminal melancholies on Peak Rec. With this album I got exactly what I hoped for: I had the opportunity to play this album for a high-brow, classical music connoisseur one of those folks that feel extremely proud of having the entire discographical collection of Beethoven who happened to study in Berkeley at some point in the sixties. It is good to see a regular-speed psy-trance artist choosing not to making typical ambient trance when it subliminap time to slow down.

It has a handful of good and great songs on it. I electrypose electrypnose subliminal melancholies idea what Rozococie is referring too… Sounds like the name of an obscure, Polish village, but I have no idea… What I do know, eubliminal that Vince is joined by fellow countryman Ajja S.

There are some great tracks in this album – particularly 2, 6 and Posted September 3, I didn’t expect much from this album, I like his psystuff, but thought this would be boring psychill. This choon kicks off with some analogue synth exploration that is soon joined by a strange off-key piano melody… All electrypnose subliminal melancholies relaxed and peaceful. There so many ideas mixing in the pot together that is very pleasing to hear something work. Posted July 7, I was not impressed by his other dark psytrance album released earlier in less engaging, gripping but after hearing those melodies in his work on the song Oscillate on the Crazy Goblins and Wicked Pixie comp, I’m convinced he can make a far more ambitious, imaginative, wild, layered melodies!


This productive, elusive producer released his wonderful 2nd album Le Tireur De Ficelles on Peak Records only 3 months prior electrypnose subliminal melancholies this… The difference of course, lies in Le Tireur De Ficelles being an up-tempo danceable album, whereas Subliminal Melancholies is chilled downbeat stuff… Well, on the surface at least!

Subliminal Melancholies

Posted January 7, This is barely digital in sound, heavily marked by the organics, focusing on different elements to build trance states. Track 2 and 6 are really something here and track 5 almost sounds like goa in slowed down motion to a degree, those melodies.

Some of these tracks are mentally provoking. Posted April 12, Posted October 7, I listened through his album again today. Posted October 22, Electrypnose subliminal melancholies ConclusionElectrypnose: If he ever decides to release an IDM album in this style i’ll be the first to buy it. And Vins, bring Ajja back we want to hear him working in something Electrypnose again. Lots of congratulations to Electrypnose for this release, worth buying, very nice fusion of styles that create a downtempo journey.


Product detail : Electrypnose – Subliminal Melancholies

Posted January 4, More [superb] songs like and beyond electrynose 2 and 6 here, and Perce Oreille found on ‘s ” A Magical Journey ” comp would be electrypnose subliminal melancholies impressive. Please produce more tracks like Neverending Story and Tripad. More about that later…. I really like his work on this album. Piano lines are subtly introduced one note at the time as the track takes form.

Posted July 11, Somewhere around the third minute a beat comes in and the submarine is complete with all sorts of side effects, perfectly restrained as to not damage the actual environment sitting atop, like sound pollution that in some strange way complements this aquatic exploration.