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Aluminum heads are especially vulnerable to warpage and cracking because aluminum has a much higher coefficient of thermal expansion than cast iron. When an OHC engine is first started, it takes awhile for oil pressure to reach the cam bearings. An electric cooling fan that fails to come on due to a faulty thermostat, relay, wiring or motor may be an overlooked cause of overheating. These engines will often blow the head gasket if the engine overheats because the head has a natural hot spot between cylinders 2 and 3. Bearings that have been damaged as a result of insufficient lubrication will be shiny and worn where the crankshaft journal wiped away the bearing material. Less obvious causes of overheating can include a clogged radiator that is filled with sediment as a result of coolant neglect, corrosion or using excessively hard water.

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The underlying cause here may be not changing the oil often enough. Detonation Spark Knock is a form of abnormal combustion engne results from too much heat and pressure in the combustion chamber.

Worn valve guides can sometimes be knurled to reduce clearances, but usually it requires installing new guides, guide liners or valves with oversized stems.

The exhaust valves are also right enigne to one another, and coolant flow is also limited in this area. The fix is to replace the OEM head gasket with a special reinforced head gasket made by Fel-Pro for these engines.

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Black dry carbon deposits should lead you to check for conditions that may be causing the fuel mixture to run rich a bad oxygen sensor, a defective coolant sensor that keeps the computer in open loop, excessive fuel pressure in a fuel injected engine, etc. Even a missing fan shroud that reduces the fan’s effectiveness may be a contributing factor.


The underlying cause may be something minor or major. Most of these gaskets and seals will have to be replaced anyway if you are opening up eengine engine. If you are installing a new camshaft in the engine, be 8890000f to use the cam manufacturers assembly lube and follow the recommended break-in procedure.

Such hot spots can be caused by anything that makes the engine run hotter than normal or inhibits normal cooling such as a buildup of carbon deposits.

These engines will often blow the head gasket if the engine overheats because the head enggine a natural hot spot between cylinders 2 and 3. Overheating can be caused by any number of things. There is no way to know unless somebody checks it out. The underlying cause may be anything from a coolant leak to an EGR or detonation problem, or even preignition caused by spark plugs that are too hot. Replacing the thermostat will obviously solve the problem, but may not prevent the same thing from happening again at some point in the future.

Another common cause of overheating is a faulty thermostat. One minute the engine is running fine and your keeping up with traffic, and the next you’re sitting along side the road with the hood up wondering what happened.

Overheating can cause valve stems to gall and stick, and pistons to scuff and seize.

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Not getting the cooling system completely filled after changing the antifreeze can allow enginf pockets to form that make the engine overheat or run hot. Frequent short trip driving can also accelerate deposit formation. So if you see either of these conditions when you tear the engine down, it is a pretty good clue that overheating caused the egror to fail. Some common mistakes to look for:. But on pushrod engines with flat tappet cams, the level of ZDDP may be inadequate to prevent cam lobe and lifter wear.

In some engines where the center exhaust ports are siamesed together, hot spots can develop in the head between the exhaust ports causing the head to swell so much it crushes the head gasket resulting in a blown errog gasket.


Any evidence of oil leakage around the front or rear crankshaft seal, pan gasket, valve cover gasket or other gaskets, would tell you new gaskets and seals are needed.

The level of ZDDP in current motor oils has been reduced to no more than 0. Some aftermarket gasket manufacturers have gone so far as to develop special reinforced replacement gaskets for engine applications that have a history of crushing gaskets.

Light detonation enginne considered normal and should not cause any damage, but heavy or prolonged detonation can crack rings, pound out piston ring grooves, punch holes through englne tops of pistons, smash rod bearings and blow head gaskets. If a motorist ignores such warnings long enough, it can be a very costly mistake because eventually the engine may succumb to whatever is causing the problem, which is a classic example of the famous preventive maintenance line, “You 889000f pay enngine now or you can pay me later.

But if your vehicle is in good condition otherwise, repairing or replacing the engine may be less expense than trading for another used vehicle always a gambleor taking on payments for a new car or truck.

Sometimes failures occur unexpectedly. An engine failure is always bad news. You can probably ignore misassembly as a factor in a high mileage engine failure.

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The result is a sharp hammer-like blow on the piston that produces a metallic knocking or pinging noise. The precombustion chambers for the two center cylinders are located back to back. An electric cooling fan that fails to come on due to a faulty thermostat, relay, wiring or motor may be an overlooked cause of overheating.