Danny the Sativa God. The drums in this fucker are banana cakes, brolapsed-anus. So what should we expect to hear in ? Tookie delivers 17 tracks that cover a lot of ground. All the other shit we talk about when getting esoteric about rap is window dressing. Open Mike Eagle is the closest thing Hellfyre Club has to a rap everyman. Just with I actually got the fuckin CD I payed for.

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Nocando – Give A Fuck That dude is the Volume 10, to Hellfyres Freestyle Fellowship. It is a perfect showcase for a label jam packed with the most exciting hip hop artists making music today. Plus he was on the DVT joint and killed too. Vocally brash, loud, funny, street, and smart all at the same time. As past experience has shown, great things can happen whenever more than one of these guys gets on the same beat.

Bloodmoney Perez Nov 12, Hellfyre club dorner vs. tookie has a laid-back, melodic hellfjre his lyrics are sprinkled with mundane and personal details; and he can be refreshingly self-deprecating and incredibly funny. The shits are perfect, you can tell that they did the work.


Hellfyre Club

There are some hellfyre club dorner vs. tookie moments from the other rappers on Dorner Vs. Or browse results titled:. Tookietoo, but at least one of the main four appears on all but a handful hellfyre club dorner vs.

tookie tracks. This menagerie of weird birds create beautiful chaos, they avoid the trap that so many artists make when trying to make that leap to the national consciousness. He brings a different perspective due to his younger age. Whoever the Fuck made these beats is a god.

This is our first time forming The Megazord. Cases are Ninja Star Black which was in the runnings against Dorner vs Tookie as the title of this project. Creates a feeling of “being there. Danny the Sativa God. I will be checking out new work from him for now own A New Year’s Day release from Milo, recording under his Scallops Hotel moniker, is a worthy contender for ‘s first best rap album.

Thank for your support. The year-old has always struck me as a sound artist first and foremost. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Kajer24 Nov 13, Just with I actually got the fuckin CD I payed for. Our Interview with Taurus Scott – Stop being lazy!


Hellfyre Club – Dorner vs. Tookie (Download) – IMAGEYENATION

I have to say I was not always a fan of driver but these two albums have made me a fan for life. Rhetoric and Nocando have completely blown my mind, prior to Dorner Vs.

They recognize the genius and all that is wonderful about the sound of hip hop and they strip it of all that isn’t theirs, then build that shit back up in their image.

Rheteric Ramirez – Fck The Nightstalker Bandcamp Artist of the Week. Each of the central four rappers gets a solo track or two, and they team up in a variety of different combinations on dorneg of the rest of the tape.

The drums in this fucker are banana cakes, brolapsed-anus. Holy fucking shit Kail! That dude is the best.