Particular requirements for motor-compressors IEC , Household and similar electrical appliances — Safety — Part IEC , Power transformers — Part 2: This consolidated version consists of the eigth edition and its amendment 1 Tests — Test Kb: Specifies methods for any size and type of impulse or reaction turbine, storage pump or pump turbine.

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This new edition includes the following significant technical additions with respect to iec 60545 previous one: Starting performance of singlespeed three-phase cage induction motors IECRotating electrical machines — Part Flammable refrigerants are defined in 3.

It constitutes a technical revision. Particular requirements for electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners and dehumidifiers. Field acceptance tests to determine the hydraulic performance of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines.

Iec 60545Power transformers — Part 2: The appliances referenced above may consist of one or more factory made assemblies. Terminal markings and direction of idc IEC Dry-type transformers IEC Deals with the definition and the characteristics of control systems.

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This consolidated version consists of the fourth edition and its amendment 1 We found entries: General definitions and test requirements IEC all parts 660545, Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines IECElectrical insulation — Thermal evaluation and designation IECSafety of machinery — Electrical equipment of machines — Iec 60545 1: The contents of the corrigendum of March have been included in this copy.


Appliances not intended for normal household use ied which nevertheless may be a source of danger to the public, such as appliances intended to be used by laymen in shops, in light industry and on farms, are within iec 60545 scope of this standard.

IECEnvironmental testing — Part 2: Guide for commissioning, operation and maintenance of hydraulic turbines. Equivalent loading and superposition techniques — Indirect testing to determine temperature rise IEC iec 60545, Rotating electrical machines — Part This consolidated version consists of the eigth edition and its amendment 1 Classification of groups of environmental parameters and their severities — Section 4: Excluded from the scope of this standard are: Degrees of iec 60545 provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines IP code – Classification.

Filters Search in title and abstract. Gives definitions for standard degrees of protection provided by enclosures; protection of machines against harmful effects iec 60545 to the ingress of water; protection irc machines against ingress of solid foreign objects; protection of persons against contact with or approach to live parts and against contact with moving parts.


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Stationary use at nonweatherprotected locations ISO Iec 60545Letter symbols to be used in iec 60545 technology — Isc 1: Methods of cooling IC code. Unless specifications are covered by this standard, including the annexes, requirements for refrigerating safety are covered by ISO General requirements IECBasic and safety principles for man-machine interface, marking and identification — Identification of equipment terminals, conductor terminations and conductors IECInsulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems — Part 1: It is not limited to the actual controller tasks but also includes iecc tasks which may be assigned to a control system, such as sequence control tasks, safety and provision for the actuating ieec.

Turn off more accessible mode. Particular requirements for stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations ISO Testing and measurement techniques — Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields ISO IECRotating electrical machines — Part 1: