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Videos Only Self explanatory. I always love when someone posts a WKUK video. I think this is my favorite WKUK sketch.

Old Folks Home Guitar Tab – Whitest Kids U Know |

They have things on youtube, but was mostly tv and tour type stuff. I thought you were mixing up Invisible Folms with reality, but then I looked into it and was surprised he was writing from personal old folks home wkuk.

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Ive never heard of them on YouTube when I was a kid either.

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This is my favorite skit.

If the video has a watermark, it also may be licensed by a third party. Did he wkk after each house or something. I love wkuk so I don’t know how I missed them. Comment will update wkjk new media is found. This includes videos of child and animal abuse.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Most people on this site don’t post shit for the front page, but so people can have reactions like yours. Damn I love their content too. Someone please post some songs of this “genre”? Even if you don’t get a ton of silly internet points, you’ve old folks home wkuk my day better.

Asking for ekuk friend. Please see this thread for a more detailed explanation. Sharing the link for anyone that somehow hasn’t seen it yet. Videos that become licensed after they are posted will be removed.


Failure to do so may result in a ban. Thank you for posting it. This includes raw videos of fights and malicious violence. How do they have such little subscribers?!

If the video description says: Haven’t heard this one or the follow up one that played after.

old folks home (by wkuk)

This includes music visualizers and lyric videos 1. No Hate Speech You are free to offer your opinion respectfully, but comments or posts intended to demean a hoem, acontextual expressions of bigotry, and the pejorative use of slurs is disallowed. Ya they are a comedy troupe called “Whitest kids you know”.