Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Category: This did provide me with a good overview of their story but lacked much intimacy with the characters!!! Is it because she was a woman that people were so much more caught by her dastardly deeds? But it has gone through the alchemy of fiction so that it feels juicy with atmosphere and color, rather than dry fact. The Borgias are arguably the most intriguing and ruthless family in all of history, and Dunant brings them ravishingly, bristlingly to life. The Borgia name instantly evokes images of glorious wealth and even more glorious power, corruption, poison, and incest.

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He also openly maintains a household of four illegitimate children by Vannozza dei Catanei — among them the infamous Lucrezia, still a child but already being haggled over by rival dynasties — and a new and beautiful mistress.

It feels much more like a history to me and I have classified it as historical fiction. Emerging gradually from amidst the multiple story strands is a shining thread of feminine empowerment.

Review: Blood and Beauty, Sarah Dunant – Girl with her Head in a Book

But looking beyond them, it also presents an overarching portrait of the European political scene, including the changing alliances and deadly jockeying for supremacy among Rome, Naples, Milan, France, and Spain. The head of the family was Rodrigo, known now to history as Pope Alexander VI; he and his sons Juan, Cesare and Jofre, his daughter Lucrezia and long term mistress Vanozza are familiar to many.

But it was only when I got my teeth into the Borgias, when I watched an invading army take over Naples and loiter there, having sex with the local prostitutes, and realized that some of those soldiers were back from the Sarah dunant blood and beauty World with Columbus and had contracted and carried this new disease home with them, that I understood just what an extraordinary history this was. Two stars because the author obvio Where is the craft?


All roads lead to it, the center of power in Europe for centuries. Be careful what you write. I have been fascinated by the Borgias since reading Jean Plaidy’s novels as a teenager and I was really looking forward to reading this. Hardcoverpages. This is a book I should have read on it’s own, not while I was sarah dunant blood and beauty reading something else. This week, we move on to the next four years of his reign. For other readers though, I can easily see the book not having enough of a personal narrative hook to get them invested.

Blood & Beauty: The Borgias

Or is the fact that it is a good story more important? We are sarah dunant blood and beauty technical difficulties. The members of this close-knit family emerge as dynamic characters, flawed but sympathetic, filled with fear and longing, and believable. If the careful path, too, that Dunant treads between intelligent historical analysis and shameless romp very occasionally veers into Carry On Lucrezia territory Naples is described as “a place of heat and moist passageways”on balance this only adds to the gaiety of the enterprise.

Then when I can sit no longer at a desk, I go traveling. Since there are two major TV shows about the Borgias Showtime and Netflix and a number of biographies, histories, and other novels, I was expecting this version to take us further into understanding this complex family and the historical context of the papacy of Alexander VI, the Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia, who was voted pope after many years as the vice-chancellor.

Unfortunately he did little else except talk menacingly about whacking people, look at his sister meaningfully, and get into dick-swinging competitions with his brother Juan.


Review: Blood and Beauty, Sarah Dunant

All I knew was that there was dunznt TV show about the family and I think this book was the source of that show. What do you think his motivation was?

Rodrigo himself is thought to have bribed his way into the Papal throne, Juan met a mysterious end one dark night and was fished out of the Tiber, Cesare was notorious for his violence, murder and womanising and Lucrezia is the original femme fatale. There were some rough patches here and there prose-wise, and many weird tense-related issues that made the syntax odd or cumbersome in places.

Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant | : Books

What an extraordinary family and what a story. To what do you attribute this fascination? The problems seeded in the first year are blossoming into crises at every turn, as Italy explodes into war against the invading French. Jul 03, Sharon Robards rated it really liked it Shelves: An interesting read for anybody who wants to read the probable truth behind one of history’s infamous families.

The narrative is marked by a sly wit: I may or may not watch it. Your email address will not sarah dunant blood and beauty published. But it’s not a marketing gimmick to say I completely loved it.

How much do you think Lucrezia changes from the beginning of the novel to the end? Third is the treatment of Caterina Sforza. The rest of the cast of characters was better.