skullgirls filia

In the first string of combos I list s. Dashing under them and pressing it can be useful for punishing a lot of otherwise difficult to punish air normals such as Double j. Cancel into Ringlet Psych to make it safe. Used for combo extensions and conversions. LK, is a blockstring, and it will beat opponents upbacking as well.

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More recently, its become popular as an IAD tool; j.

Hits mid, but good crossup hitbox and halts Filia’s air momentum. MK to help ensure the opponent will be at the appropriate height to be snapped.

Color 9 Based on the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. More damaging than sullgirls. You can delay after smp a bit to give them time to land before using c.

Filia « Skullgirls 2nd Encore

The H version travels down making it useful iflia confirms or to have a active approach to the ground. The distance depends on the buttons pressed. Having meter available for this lets Filia go into a full combo off of a lot of things she tilia otherwise Updo, max range Ringlet Spike, IAD airthrow, etc.


Straight Razor View hitbox? When you play matches, it’s good enough to use the skulogirls you can perform the skullggirls consistently. Super version of Updo. If you’d like to see this section filled out, please consider creating an account and contributing!

Color 19 Original alternate color palette. Really strong air normal with decently far hitbox, commonly spammed by newer players but that doesn’t make it bad. One of the worst snaps in the game in terms of range.

Combine with using an assist for a somewhat free approach that the opponent has to block. One of the fastest startups in the game, making Filia one of the few skullgirrls able to punish other “safe” moves.

Can also be TK’d after ground chains to combo fipia it since you can dash cancel the recovery of the air versions. Use this in blockstrings over c. Also used for confirming instant overheads but this is punishable by land cancel so be wary The change in air momentum can be used to escape many slow air resets or pressure, so don’t be afraid to use this button as a defensive tool on occasion. Bounce and Volume View hitbox? Low blockstun makes it a decent pushblock bait tool, causing the opponent to be too late on a pushblock attempt and get backdash instead.

Color 3 Original alternate color palette. MK 1 fastfall with j. MK and the fast speed over s. Use the H version as a combo ender, but avoid using it in neutral or anytime else since every version is extremely unsafe.



Also your main combo ender since it does the most damage when scaled. Color 5 Original alternate color palette. Comb Under View hitbox? Filia was once just an average schoolgirl, but one day woke up without any memories and a second mouth on the back of her head.

Lifts opponents into the air and causes a vilia, which can help setup tricky resets in the corner. Recovers the fastest out of all of Filia’s moves, so in situations like tagging assists where frame advantage on block doesn’t matter, it’s the safest option.

Mini launcher, doesn’t send the opponent as high as s.

Filia is a rushdown pixie character who wants to use her nimble mobility and small size to get in the opponent’s face and do brutally fast mixups using her quick, low to the ground air dash. Filia can only air dash cancel Airball once per combo.

Stuns the opponent on hit, stunning longer if it hits OTG.