I felt that it is one of the more self-exploratory Test Management Tools in the current market. TestLodge allows you to copy the existing test plan to create a new test plan. Here, we will discuss about Test Run tab. Also, let us know your experience after having hands-on experience. All test cases are grouped in test suites.


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Documentation Find out how this app works. Enter the name and email id of the invited person. There is an edit and delete icon on the left side of the Test Plan page that can be used to edit or delete a test plan.

TestLodge | Atlassian Marketplace

These details are derived from all test suites present at the project level. Sign up with Google Sign up with Google.

It simplifies the testing process. Each test case has a number, a name, description, test steps, expected results and can be associated with a given requirement as well etstlodge being able to attache images and wireframes.

Click Close to go back to the Test Run page. Click the Save Changes button as shown in the following screenshot.

You would get to see the following error page, as a result of an unsuccessful login or when the credentials are incorrect.


You can add the actual result and attach images as well. Great, your account has been created! The New Test Plan option, copies the content to a brand new test plan in the chosen project. It will open the content of the Test Plan. If the issue still persists, please let us know by sending email to support activecollab. The user name will be displayed as shown in testlpdge following screenshot.


Pull back the Jira ticket status into TestLodge with just one click. TestLodge tools create, centralize, organize, and manage test cases very effectively and efficiently. After adding the person, a successful message displays and the user gets listed in the list as shown in the following screenshot. After providing a search criterion, tstlodge the Search button as shown in the following screenshot.

TestLodge – Online Test Management Tool

An error may occur due to an incorrect combination of email id or password. Whether in the same office or in varied locations, your team can work testlodgw one and keep everyone synced. Also, let us know your experience after having hands-on experience. You could read Software Development Life Cycle here. TestLodge integrates with more than 20 of the leading issue-tracking tools. It provides a test run summary for the overall project as well as individual test suite with test case result and progress.


You can copy the test cases to another test suite in the same project or across projects.

TestLodge – Online Test Management Tool — Testing Excellence

Software Testoldge Since it is a cloud-based online tool, testlodgw can be used on any of the browsers such as IE, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. You will be able to see Copy test cases button on the right side of the screen as shown in the following screenshot. TestLodge allows you to start your journey by simply signing up. It will display a Thank you page of the New User as shown in the following screenshot. How to get started with TestLodge?

If a test is already associated with a ticket in Jira, it will be updated automatically with the latest result for added convenience. After clicking Test run from any of the available options, brings the control at Test Run.

TestLodge supports simple search functionality which you can utilize to find contents in the projects, different test plans, requirements, and test suites.